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03.07 - 15.07.2023

Enerhack Camp for KIDS
Free energy camp for 600 kids aged 7-16 in Tallinn University of Technology (Estonia).

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  • Kristina Kallas

    Minister of Education and Research

  • Kersti Kaljulaid
    President of Estonia
    (2016 - 2021)
  • Ando Leppiman

    Estonian Stockpiling Agency,

    Chairman of the Board

  • Märt Ots
    Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications of Estonia, Energy and competition consultant
  • Alan Vaht
    Head of E-mobility at Alexela
  • Mari-Liis Kell
    Head of Greentech at Hundipea OÜ
  • Tiina Õunmaa
    Head of HVAC and WS department at Mapri Ehitus OÜ
  • Kiur Kalme
    Project manager of the district cooling department at Utilitas
  • Kristiina Nauts
    Planning and EIA Lead at Utilitas Wind OÜ
  • Terje Talv
    Chief Executive Officer at Estonian Wind Power Association (EWPA)
  • Andreea Bela
    Van Oord, Offshore wind farm project engineer (Netherlands)
  • Hannamary Seli
    Head of Sustainable Construction at Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications
  • Irina Starõh
    Heat network engineer at Adven Estonia

  • Nataliia Rosenberg
    Control Center Engineer at Adven Estonia
  • Viktoria Kislenkova
    Technical Project Manager at Stargate Hydrogen
  • Mari-Ly Klaats
    Member of the Management Board at Auve Tech
  • Cathy-Liis Põlluveer
    Energy Solutions Team Leader at FILTER
  • Mihkel Annus
    Director at Estonian Renewable Energy Association & Board member at European Renewable Energies Federation
  • Ivan Sergejev
    Just transition process coordinator at the Estonian Ministry of Finance
  • Enar Kraav
    Development Manager and Lead Engineer at Energex Energy Experts
  • Anitra Lukjanov
    Engineering Populariser at Solaride
  • Reeno Niinepuu
    Gas Pipelines Manager at Elering
  • Raido Malõshev
    CEO of the Estonian Heat Pump Association
  • Mirko Nõmmsalu
    Project Manager at Sunly
  • Jana Budkovskaja
    CEO at Prototron
  • Olga Prants
    Energy efficiency specialist at Praos OÜ
  • Brenda Pent
    Leader of the youth direction at Positron
  • Igor Makarov
    District heating Engineer at HeatConsult
Pimenov's Family
Pimenov's Family
Thank you very much for such an event! How did the speakers and counselors manage to engage children who are currently very difficult to interest in anything? Our troublesome teenagers went to the camp with pleasure! It's amazing!
My child really enjoyed it, liked the organization, food, and instructors. Learning chess was highly enjoyable for them, and they were very pleased to be recognized as a skillful chess player and chosen as the leader of their group. We truly need such positive feedback at the moment to boost self-esteem and encourage trying new things, as well as to realize that not everything is difficult and that participation is already a significant achievement. After the camp, my child called and cried tears of joy, expressing the desire to come back anytime. Therefore, I'm keeping my fingers crossed that in the future, we'll manage to secure a place in another themed camp instead of the energy-related one.
Mother of Nicole
Everything is great! A huge thank you to you for such organization and the not-easy work with the kids! Looking forward to new meetings! 🌸
Mother of Rodion
On behalf of the mom, I am very grateful for your program. My child was extremely happy and even delighted. When I came to pick him up on the last day, he didn't want to leave and said he wants to come back again. So, I am eagerly looking forward to another opportunity to visit your camp. Everything you do for children won't go unnoticed. It will remain in his memory for a long time, and it will give him confidence to move forward.
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This project is carried out in cooperation with U.S. Embassy in Estonian as part of the Small Grants Program. Find more info about U.S. Embassy's work in Estonian at www.ee.usembassy.gov
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