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We offer a variety of activities and programs specifically designed for children starting from just 7 years old. Our range of energy-focused activities includes everything from energy camps and trips to energy subjects integrated into school curriculums and intensive energy courses. We also provide fun and engaging competitions for kids, such as building wind turbines, solar cells, and heating systems, to spark their curiosity and creativity.

All of our programs are designed to inspire children and nurture their passion for energy and sustainability in a safe and supportive environment. By participating in our activities, kids can develop important skills, gain practical knowledge, and prepare for a future career in the energy sector.


We organize camps for kids to study energy matters in Estonia.

Via different activities we raise awareness of young generation in energy and engineering field.
We provide competitions for kids including building wind turbines, solar cells, and heating.


Mother of Mirtel, about Enerhack Winter Camp 2023
Very satisfied, very grateful that young kids had such an opportunity. There were energy topics that are discussed a lot in the society, but nobody really knows them. The child came home with various knowledge about electricity and hydrogen cars, interesting quizzes; chess is now a daily routine at our home. The most exciting thing was running through the university campus and doing orientation. Daughter expressed his wish and asked if it would be possible to participate again. The child mentioned that he had never had such a good lunch at his school than here at the TalTech library cafe. Super approach; we were a little late in the morning and the team immediately called to see if we were coming. It was especially awesome that pictures of the day's events were distributed to the parents during the day. Thank you, thank you, thank you! Thanks to the team and good luck in the further activities!
12.grade student, about Enerhack Energy Intensive Course
"At times I was interested in the topic of energy, and there are opportunities for further education here (for a highly paid and necessary position)"

"Everything, how it was carried out and learned a lot about the topics, and there was practice as well as guests who talked about their field."
Father of Eva, about Enerhack Winter Camp 2023
The child was just delighted. The whole evening after the camp she talked about diodes, capacitors, batteries. Many thanks for the organisation! Everything was amazing! The main goal, I think, has been achieved - my daughter realised that technical sciences are interesting and exciting. My daughter started watching a cycle of scientific programs at home. I, in turn, explained that mathematics is also interesting and very necessary subject; now it will be much more interesting for my daughter to study it. Thanks to everyone who participated and organised the camp!
Such camps will allow children to understand more about various professions, make the right choice and achieve success in an area of interest to them.
12.grade student, about Enerhack Energy Intensive Course
"I highly recommend this course, because this course has been the most interesting in 3 years"

"Seemed interesting. Lots of practice and less theory"

"Because it seemed like an exciting topic and the subject is taught by a good teacher, in addition to that I wanted to be away from school for once and TalTech seemed like the perfect place for that"
Mother of Teele
A very nice and developing camp. My daughter really, really liked it and her emotions were high!
Mother of Liisa
Liisa really liked the camp. He praised the organisers of the camp, all the activities (he especially liked the experiments). The only minus was that shift lasted just two days :)
12.grade student, about Enerhack Energy Intensive Course
"I liked everything. the teachers were nice, the practice was interesting and the whole week itself was very tip-top"

"And, just go, you won't regret it! Totally nice"
Mother of Anna
Daughter really liked the camp, a lot of interesting, informative, discussed with my daughter scientific topics that she had never touched before. Thank you!
Mother of Mirea
Thank you very much for this opportunity. The child really liked it! In the evening, she enthusiastically talked about everything that was done in the camp.
12.grade student, about Enerhack Energy Intensive Course
"Within the course, I got a better understanding of where I want to go in the future and what options I have."

"I recommend it. University life is quite different from high school life. Second, this subject/topic (thermal energy) is super cool."



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